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Top 5 Ways to Choose the Conference Retreat Center for You

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At Kaplan Mitchell we understand how many conference retreat centers there are to choose from and how hard it can seem to find the perfect match for you and your team. Here are five tips for picking the conference center that’s right for you. Whether you’re coming from Georgia, North Carolina or across the country, these tips are a great place to get started. If you think we’re a match for you and your company, let us know and we’d love to have you!

1. Start early. Things fill up quickly, and time flies by, so be sure to start your planning early. This way you’ll have as many options available to you as possible.

2. Consider the goal of your retreat. Are you looking for a place that has a lot of indoor space for meetings, or outdoor space for unique and fun team-building events? Write a list of all of the things you’re hoping to accomplish with your conference.

3. Make sure accommodations match your needs.  If you are getting married and looking for a place to have your dream wedding, you may not need a center that specializes in business services and conference calls. Make sure the specialty of the retreat center you’re looking at matches the needs of your group.

4. Nail logistics down. Next, be sure to check to see if the conference retreat center you are looking at has your dates available and can accommodate a group of your size. This way you don’t waste too much time or get your heart set on a place only to find out that they can’t accommodate you.

5. Meet the people. If you don’t get a good feel from the team running the center, walk away. If you feel like the staff at the center will help you sleep well at night, you’ve found your match! 

At Kaplan Mitchell we partner with you every step of the way to make your ideal retreat a reality. See what people have to say about our Kaplan Mitchell family and join us – we would love to take care of you and your team!